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The following Tech Notes discuss some of the technical aspects of using powerline EMI filters in real world applications.

Maximize the Effectiveness of your EMI Filter  - General installation guidelines.

Whether it's called a VSD (Variable Speed Drive), an ASD (Adjustible Speed Drive), or a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive); they are all the same motor drive by just another name. These tech notes present guidelines which deal with the motor drive and EMI. The principles can be applied to other applications.

EMI Filtering for the VSD  - What kind of EMI noise reduction can I expect by adding a 3 phase EMI filter to the input of my Variable Speed Drive?

Shielding the VSD Output Wiring  - How important is it to shield the Variable Speed Drive output wires to minimize conducted EMI on the power line?

Replacing Shielded Wires with Output Filters on the VSD  - The proper shielding of the output wires on a Variable Speed Drive will prevent radiation off of these wires from bypassing the powerline filter and being picked-up by the input wires. Using another approach, the high frequency content in the output waveform can be minimized with an output EMI filter.

VSD Output Filters Reduce Conducted EMI  - The effectiveness of an "output filter" to reduce radiation off of the motor leads from a Variable Speed Drive and thereby reduce EMI on the powerline is examined.