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The components of these model numbers are in compliance with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
High Current Three Phase & Single Phase Filters
DL10     DT10     HL10     HT10     M10      M10/B      YL20     YT20
DL20     DT20     HL20     HT20     M20      M20/B      YL30     YT30
DL30     DT30     HL30     HT30     M30      M30/B      YL40     YT40
DL40     DT40     HL40     HT40     M40      M40/B      YL60     YT60
DL60     DT60     HL60     HT60              M50/B
Download the High Current Filter's "Certificate of RoHS Compliance" HERE.

Single Phase Filters
         B1Q      K1Q      L1P      R3Q      P3Q      S3Q
         B3Q      K1W      L3P      R3W      P3W      S3W
         B5Q      K5Q      L6P      R5Q      P6Q      S6Q
         B10Q     K5W               R5W      P6W      S6W
         B10W     K10Q              R10Q     P10Q     S10Q
         B10S     K10W     LL1P     R10W     P10W     S10W
         B20Q     K10S     LL1Q     R10S
         B20W     K20Q     LL4P     R20Q
         B20S     K20W     LL4Q     R20W
         B30S     K20S     LL6P     R20S
                  K30S     LL6Q
Download the Single Phase Filter's "Certificate of RoHS Compliance" HERE.