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Our "Customer EMI Testing Program" is a service for both new and existing customers. It is an effective way to save both time and money. When the daily cost of going through compliance testing at a certifed test laboritory can run into thousands of dollars per day, isn't it a good idea to pre-test for conducted EMI and know that the equipment meets specicication.

One Test is Worth a Thousand Expert Opinions

This statement couldn't be more true. Until you have firm emission data, how can you make an intelligent design decision? The best time to get this data is at the prototype stage of development. However, if you're about ready to start compliance testing it isn't too late to avoid a situation where you fail the test and now don't have a viable solution at hand. It's an unnecessary expense to face another round of testing at a later date.

What We Will and Won't Do.

We will not certify the test results because we are not a certified testing lab. We are a filter manufacturer and certifying equipment using our filters would be a conflict of interest. We will not run any radiated tests because our filters deal with the conducted EMI and we do not sell shielding products.

What we will do is test your equipment in our EMI shielded room for conducted emissions to the EMI specification of your choice. We will provide before and after data. Because we stock almost every filter in our catalog, plus a few custom designs; the job is usually completed within a day.

One additional advantage we provide, which is often overlooked, is to review the overall layout of the equipment in regards to filter performance. To insure that the filter is providing maximum performance; the grounding, bonding, and isolation of input and output wiring will be evaluated. It is surprising the number of design problems at 5 MHz. and above which can be corrected by using a grounding scheme which prevents radiation from getting around the filter and masking it's true performance.

We provide this service because we are trying to develop a customer relationship based on our engineering expertise. The easiest way to take advantage of this program is to e-mail "sales@emissioncontrol.com". Tell us your situation and we will schedule testing and arrange shipment for the equipment.