The following production line equipment is suitable for use in many types of manufacturing.


Sand Blasting System – For Sale ( Best Offer )




The sandblasting operation consists of three pieces. The actual sand blast

cabinet (center of left picture ) contains the blasting nozzles, the sand

separator (right side of left picture), and an air recycler

(right picture). The air recycler saves considerable energy costs by

eliminating the loss of conditioned air in the work place.




Terminal Soldering – For Sale ( Best Offer )




This soldering machine will solder the crimped end of a screw type terminal

to provide a very low resistance connection. Once the terminal / wire is

loaded into the fixture, they are pneumatically clamped, heated, fed solder

automatically, and re-heated to properly flow the solder under computer

control. The heating head is water cooled for continuous usage. The holding

fixture can be easily be modified to accommodate a variety of terminals.




Potting Tank – For Sale ( Best Offer )




This 100 gallon potting tank has separate heaters and controls for both the

main tank and the pouring nozzle. The slow speed agitator continuously

mixes the contents to provide a homogeneous compound.