The following equipment is used to produce High Current Powerline Filters.






Coil Winder - Sold



The coil winder above will take the copper strip, apply great pressure,

and form a single layer helical edge wound winding. This precision

operation includes exact turns count and automatic cutoff which virtually

eliminates all scrap at this stage.



Close-up view of winding head, feed mechanism, and cutoff slide.



Tab Puller - Sold


The puller performs a secondary operation on each individual winding by

straightening the last section of each end and extending it. At a later

stage, these extensions will be formed into crimping tabs for the round

interconnecting wires of the filter.





Encapsulation Fixtures Sold


The winding along with insulators are assembled on to fixtures which will

clamp everything tight and hold position during the encapsulation process.

There are approximately 270 fixture sets. Estimated replacement cost





Vacuum Tanks Sold


The fixtured windings are vacuumed impregnated in epoxy resin using one of

two heated vacuum tanks.




Oven - Sold


The epoxy impregnated windings are heat cured in large batches using this






Extraction Fixture Sold


After the curing cycle, the windings are extracted off of the

encapsulation fixtures.



Winding Tab Cut and Form Fixtures - Sold


The final step is to cut the tabs to length, clean the cut ends of the

epoxy coating, and form the soldering tab for attaching interconnect

wires. The trimming and forming dies are positioned on either side of the

sandblast cabinet to provide a continuous work flow.





Sand Blasting System For Sale ( Best Offer )



The sandblasting operation consists of three pieces. The actual sand blast

cabinet (center of left picture ) contains the blasting nozzles, the sand

separator (right side of left picture), and an air recycler

(right picture). The air recycler saves considerable energy costs by

eliminating the loss of conditioned air in the work place.







Terminal Crimping - Sold


The terminal assembly used in the powerline filters consists of heavy

gauge round wires, used for internal connections, which are crimped and

soldered to a threaded stud terminal. The terminal press which crimps the

parts has several die sets to accommodate different terminal / wire






Terminal Soldering For Sale ( Best Offer )


The soldering machine will solder the crimped terminal to provide a very

low resistance connection. Once the terminal / wire is loaded, it is

pneumatically clamped, heated, automatically fed solder, and re-heated to

properly flow the solder under computer control. The heating head is water

cooled for continuous usage.





Oven - Sold


After assembly of the filter and prior to potting, the filter is preheated

in this oven to minimize the thermal stress on the components when the hot

potting compound is poured in.





Potting Tank For Sale ( Best Offer )


The 100 gallon potting tank has separate heaters and controls for both the

main tank and the pouring nozzle. The slow speed agitator continuously

mixes the contents to provide a homogenous compound.